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Hanganga o Waingākau Organisational Structure

Waingākau Housing Development Limited (WHDL) is the entity that is leading the Waingākau Project.  
•    WHDL is a NZ Limited Company & also a Charitable Entity.
•    WHDL is 100% owned by Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga (TToH), a 36 year old kaupapa Māori Non-Government Organisation, that is also a Charitable Trust.
•    WHDL & Waingākau Project adopts the same Strategic Priorities of TToH.

Rangatira Our Board of Directors

Caption: Mike Paku (WHDL Director & Chair)


Mike Paku

Mike has a lifelong connection to his marae, Ruahāpia.  Apart from serving on numerous marae committees he has also been the grounds-keeper for the past 30 years.  This is what helps him remain humble, with his feet on the ground.

Mike has had extensive governance and director experience.  He has been a board member of TToH since 2003, serving the past eight years as Chairperson.  He has also been on the board of Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Inc since 2010.

Mike believes that good governance principles and a good dose of common sense go a long way together.  This has led to his involvement with numerous boards and committees representing the interests of iwi and hapū.  He feels privileged and honoured to have been given these opportunities.

Christine Hilton (WHDL Director) 

Christine Hilton

Christine is Treasurer for the Kahurānaki Marae Committee, after becoming a Marae Trustee last year. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Henry Hill Primary School, Napier.

The skills she brings to the TToH board are professionalism and analytical thinking. After serving as TToH Trustee for the past six years, she has a sound knowledge of the organisation and an appreciation of its role in empowering whānau, hapū and iwi.


Waylyn Tahuri-Whaipakanga (WHDL Director)

Waylyn Tahuri-Whaipakanga

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George Reedy (WHDL Independent Director)

George Reedy (Independent Director)

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Ry Stinton, GM Housing to be written to reflect photo (Date TBC).  Contact Ry via or 0xx.

Ry Stinton (General Manager Housing)

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James Lyver (Project Manager), spending time with .  Contact James via or 021 859-621

James Lyver (Project Manager)

I te taha o tōku māmā, Ko Whakapūnake tōku maunga. Ko Ruakituri rātau ko Hangaroa, ko Kaitarahae ōku awa. Ko Te Reinga tōku wairere. Ko Te Reinga tōku marae. Ko Ngāti Hinehika me Ngāti Kōhatu ōku hapū. Ko Ngāti Kahungunu tōku iwi. Ko Hinekōrako te taniwha kaitiaki.

I te taha o tōku pāpā, Ko Ngāti Toa Rangatira ki Wairau te iwi. Ko Tokomaru te maunga. Ko Wairau te awa.  Ko Matapere Kawhe tōku tupuna.  Heoi anō, kei te ako tonu au i te whakapapa o tōku pāpā. 

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James has developed his professional career within various kaupapa Māori organisations and loves working with whānau.  He has Bachelor of Business Studies and Masters of Management from Massey University, with his final report topic was ’Exploring Māori values; Embracing Cultural Intelligence to improve outcomes in a changing New Zealand’.  Outside of the office, James has a strong connection to the outdoors and thrives on the principals o ngā atua Māori.  James is born and bred in Napier from within a Freezing Worker whānau.  He is an active father with his three boys and loves living in Kahungunu.

“Kei te tika te moemoeā o Waingākau.  He whare hou, he huarahi pai - He kainga mahana, he huarahi ora – Tīhei Mauri ora!”


Vanessa Rimene (Project Coordinator), spending time with .  Contact Ness via or 021 xxxx.

Vanessa Rimene (Project Coordinator)

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Rikki Te Kira (Whānau Engagement), spending time with .  Contact Rikki via or 021 xxx.

Rikki Te Kira (Whānau Engagement)

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Jodie Fels, Project Accountant to be written to reflect photo (Date TBC). Contact Jodie via or 021 xxxxx.

Jodie Fels (Project Accountant)

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