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Download a copy of Pūrongo ā-Tau (WHDL Annual Report 2021 here  WHDL Annual Report 2021 

Waingākau is a visionary mixed tenure housing development of 82 new conventional houses and large greenspace for generational community housing in West Flaxmere, Hastings.

  1. The primary goal and output is to make the dream of obtaining a high-quality home a reality for inter-generational whānau Māori, particularly those buying their first home.
  2. However, the ultimate goal and outcome is focused on building a supportive, inter-generational community; where whānau are at the centre, people look out for each other and contribute to the thriving, positive community that they live in.

Waingākau is guided by the whakatauakī “Tangata ako ana i te kāinga, te tūranga ki te marae, tau ana” (A person nurtured in the community contributes strongly to society).

Waingākau embraces the essence of nurturing.  ‘Wai’ refers to Heretaunga Haukunui (Heretaunga of the life-giving dews or water) and to the three rivers, Ngaruroro, Tukituki and Tūtaekurī rivers.  Most importantly, within a spiritual and physical context, water is life.  ‘Ngākau’ is the heart, the aroha we have for each other as a whānau, and as a community.  At the heart of a thriving community is a nurturing core.  It also pays reference to the history of the lands steeped in whakapapa. Check out Tā Tātou Kōrero (Our Story) to find out more.

Waingākau incorporates modern architecture, quality materials and clever design to only build Haukāinga Hauora (Healthy Homes).  This means, passively warm, dry, healthy and efficient homes.  Healthy Homes is a core value and therefore TToH will contribute $20,000 per house to ensure minimum building standards are exceeded. Check out Noho Mai (Live Here) and Tā Tātou Tautoko (Our Support) to find out more.

Along the journey, Waingākau are supporting Māori to develop their businesses and assisting Māori individuals to obtain employment and training opportunities.  We are proud that 93 people are working on Waingākau Project with 62% Māori.  Check out Mahi Mai (Work Here) to find out more. 

Waingākau Housing Development Limited (WHDL) is the entity that is leading the Waingākau Project. 

Check out Kaupapa (About Us ) to find out more.


Tā Tātou Kōrero -Our Story Timeline    

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